Who doesn't like SALES??

I believe everyone of us loves it till bits. Therefore, Clothes I Like here is kicking out our first SALES.
Check us out HERE often as we will be adding in more and more sales items in order to satisfy everyone!!


FREE postage for 2items and above in a single receipt!


All restock orders for Lovely Chiq II & Ruffle Smocked are closed. We have also received overwhelming responses from the customers.

Once again, thank you sooo much for your support. Without each and everyone of you, there wouldn't be Clothes I Like :)
Happy Chinese New Year!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ruffle Princess

A simple black ruffle top,
makes your day fabulous and rock =)

Code: C135
Material: Cotton
Fits XS -> M
Colours: Black
Remarks: Smocked Back, Pussycat Bow
Price: RM41
Status: Available

Smart BF Tee

Got so bored of matching a BF Tee and a vest?
Got so fed up of spending a big amount for a BF Tee and a vest.

No fret babes!

We have these..

An attached vest!! Very nicely fitted on the BF Tee.
You can even adjust it according to yourself =)
I can assure you that such fabulous piece will be difficult to find on the streets!

Code: C133
Material: Cotton
Fits XS -> L
Colours: Brown, Black
Remarks: Vest attached!
Price: RM49
Status:Brown[SOLD], Black [SOLD]


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

As requested,

Below would be the actual colour of Grey and Green Of Lovely Chiq II

*psst, there are only one or two pieces left for both the colours. So grab it fast for yourself =)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Lovely Chiq II

Still remember our super sizzling hot item LOVELY CHIQ??
They were completely sold out on the day it's posted up, many of the customers asked for restock. Unfortunately, our suppliers were already outta stock too.

Therefore, we searched ups and downs, looking for something which is almost similar to it.
Eager to see....


our Lovely Chiq II :)

It looks almost alike as our first version of Lovely Chiq (despite the free necklace =[ )

** Necklace NOT included!

Code: C134
Material: Cotton
Fits XS -> L
Colours: Black, White, Yellow, Red
Remarks: Loose Sleeves
Price: RM39
Status: Black[SOLD], Whit[SOLD]e, Yellow[SOLD], Red [SOLD]

(only applicable for Grey and Green

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

We are finally back again!
This time we would like to wish everybody Happy New Year and to the Chinese,
Happy Chinese New Year!!

in order to fill the air with the CNY mood,
we have brought in a few lovely REDS for our collection this time.

Hope you like it :)

V for Vendetta

String is attached in order for you to adjust how loose and tight you want it to be PLUS it can stop your sleeves from falling apart of your smooth shoulders :)

Code: C130
Material: Quality Lycra
Fits XS -> L
Colours: Red, Blue, White, Black
Remarks: Adjustable String attached, Puffy Sleeves
Price: RM39
Status: Red[SOLD], Blue[Available], White[SOLD], Black [Available]


Warm Knitted

This thin knitted piece is very much suitable to be worn in places which are not too hot and cold. Just like the weather here in Malaysia!

Some babes might have worries of wearing a total tight turtle neck which could make them look fatter and round-er :(
I swear, you don't hafta worry about that in this piece as its loose design around the neck will not make you look anymore round-er!
In fact, SLIMMER!!!!!

Code: C131
Material: Thin Knitted
Fits XS -> M
Colours: Beige
Remarks: Belt is included!
Price: RM48
Status: SOLD


Ruffle Smocked

Yesh!! Ruffles have been so much in a trend nowadays!
Despite the Old fashion- Professional-kinda-look, ruffles tops could also be worn casually..
I would say that this gorgeous piece can actually be worn in Clubs too :)

It slightly hugs the curves of your body as well as hides the little tummy that you and I usually have after a nice dinner/drink too. NO MORE WORRIES after eating/drinking =))

The Professional Loooks 0.0

Soooo Puuurfect!!

Code: C132
Material: Cotton
Fits XS -> M
Colours: Grey, Purple[Available]
Remarks: Smocked Waist, Crystal-Like Buttons
Price: RM43
Status: Grey [SOLD], Purple[SOLD]


Friday, January 2, 2009

As requested,
below attached would be the back of what Miss Gorgeous is like :)

Adjustable Strap

Smocked Back

Better grab it ASAP before it's running outta stock again!!
*psst, only 1piece left each!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Folded Tee

** Accessories ARE included!!

Code: C129
Material: Cotton
Fits XS -> M
Colours: Red, Yellow, Violet, Black
Remarks: Heart-shaped necklace included!
Price: RM36 RM32.4
Status: Red [SOLD], Yellow [SOLD], Violet [SOLD], Black [SOLD]

Rainbow Spag

Code: C128
Material: Cotton
Fits XS -> XL
Colours: Grey, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Black
Remarks: Brooch is detachable =)
Price: RM29 RM26.1
Status: Grey[SOLD], Yellow[SOLD], Purple [SOLD], Pink [SOLD], Black[Available ]

Friday, December 26, 2008

Glitter Night

** Tube NOT included!

Code: C127
Material: Superb Quality Shimmer Cotton
Fits XS -> M
Colours: Shimmer Gold, Shimmer Silver
Price: RM35
Status: Shimmer Gold [SOLD], Shimmer Silver [SOLD]

Miss Gorgeous

Code: C126
Material: Quality Lycra
Fits XS -> M
Colours: Blue, Black, Yellow
Price: RM43 RM38.7
Status: Blue[SOLD], Black [SOLD], Yellow[SOLD]

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Back Again!

Merry Christmas Everybody!!

It's been quite some while eversince we've gone MIA. Sorry for the disappearance without a word. Crazy schedules and sucky internet connection. We totally apologize for that.

Buuuut.. Don't worry darlings. Finally.. Finally we have brought in a few lovely items that is hard to resist =))

Basic tee, Rainbow Spag, Cute Tube Top, forever loving BF Tee, Sexy Party Dresses and Cocktail Dresses.

Hope you like them as much as we do =)

Lovely Tube

Tube tops are everyone's favourite. I believe many of you have all kinds of tube tops.
The tube top below may look sorta like the basic ones,
It's special at the waist area, with the smocked details.

** Accessories are included!!

Code: C125
Material: Cotton
Fits XS -> M
Colours: Pink , Yellow, Violet,White
Remarks: Smocked waist, Diamond necklace included!
Price: RM36 RM32.4
Status: Yellow [Sold], Violet [Sold] , White [Reserved], Pink [Sold]

Stripey BF Tee

The BF tee is forever suitable for all ages and sizes.
An oversized BF tee is the most puuurfect choice for a lazy weekend.

It could be worn in many ways:

A vest

just let it naturally oversized together with a wide belt to show a little of your curves.

3buttons in a row on the bust area

** Accessories are NOT included!!

Code: C124
Material: Cotton
Fits XS -> XL
Colours: Red, Blue, Black
Price: RM36
Status: ALL SOLD

Groove It

groove your night in this sexy piece.

Or pair it with a leggings :)
No regrets having it! Totally a MUST-HAVE item in your closet!

** Necklace NOT included!

Code: C123
Material: Cotton
Fits XS -> L
Colours: Red, Black, Blue, Yellow
Remarks: Butterfly Sleeves to cover up your flaws =)
Price: RM45 RM40.5
Status: Red[Sold], Black[SOLD], Blue[Sold], Yellow[Sold]