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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ruffle Smocked

Yesh!! Ruffles have been so much in a trend nowadays!
Despite the Old fashion- Professional-kinda-look, ruffles tops could also be worn casually..
I would say that this gorgeous piece can actually be worn in Clubs too :)

It slightly hugs the curves of your body as well as hides the little tummy that you and I usually have after a nice dinner/drink too. NO MORE WORRIES after eating/drinking =))

The Professional Loooks 0.0

Soooo Puuurfect!!

Code: C132
Material: Cotton
Fits XS -> M
Colours: Grey, Purple[Available]
Remarks: Smocked Waist, Crystal-Like Buttons
Price: RM43
Status: Grey [SOLD], Purple[SOLD]