Who doesn't like SALES??

I believe everyone of us loves it till bits. Therefore, Clothes I Like here is kicking out our first SALES.
Check us out HERE often as we will be adding in more and more sales items in order to satisfy everyone!!


FREE postage for 2items and above in a single receipt!


All restock orders for Lovely Chiq II & Ruffle Smocked are closed. We have also received overwhelming responses from the customers.

Once again, thank you sooo much for your support. Without each and everyone of you, there wouldn't be Clothes I Like :)
Happy Chinese New Year!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Little Bit of Everything


You might be thinking "OMG! Another blogshop again! ><"

But let us tell you "We're Not One of Those BlogShops!"

Let me guess, the reason you're here viewing this blog is because you need something Extraordinary yet not too pricey. Don't worry! We are here to satisfy you by bringing all sorts of nice and elegant outfits that will light your day up once again!

You don't need to 'dress up' for this shopping spree, or neither do you need to walk with a 4inches high heels around the shopping mall throughout the time. All you need is just a computer and an excellent connection which allows you to read this blog.

So, sit back and relax!
Get ready to check out what your new life has in stored for you as you have just stumbled upon